Install Theme

The Four Winds


* Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

* Le Moulin de la Galette (1900)

* Medium: oil on canvas

Eidyia de Libris.

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* Gustav Klimt (1862-1918)

* Lady with Fan (1917-18)

* Medium: oil on canvas

* Klimt was born on this day in 1862!

* Kathe Kollowitz (1867-1945)

* The Survivors (1923)

* Kollowitz was born today in 1867!

* Thomas Eakins (1844-1916)

* The Wrestlers (1899)

* Medium: oil on canvas

* Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009)

* Witching Hour (1977)

* Medium: tempera on panel


The boar was furiously twisting its body round and round, its jaws slavering with foam and fresh blood…the hero who had dealt the wound came up close to the animal and roused his foe to fury, before finally burying his shining spear in its shoulder. 

—Ovid, Metamorphoses 

Happy Birthday to Peter Paul Rubens, born on this day in 1577. Known for his dramatic compositions of religious scenes and mythological stories, Rubens made paintings, etchings, oil sketches, and even tapestries.

Paintings and tapestries from one of the most important commissions of Rubens’s lifetime will be on view at the Getty this October.

Calydonian Boar Hunt, about 1611–12, Peter Paul Rubens. The J. Paul Getty Museum

* Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640)

* Roman Charity (c. 1612)

* Medium: oil on canvas

* Location: Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg

* Rubens was born today in 1577!

* Allan Grant (1919-2008)

* Swingers (1955)

* Ramon Casas (1866-1932)

* La Sargantain (1907)